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For sure You had such a situation, when in the furnitute shop there were products that had proper dimensions and could fit almost perfectly into your room, but they had one disadvantage. It was the pattern or colour, and speaking more accurately - not a proper one. We know that it is very important to choose the properly looking piece of furniture to your flat or home. It should match in the good way with the whole room. However, it is not obligatory to abandone the idea of purchasing any part of the furniture just because its colour is bad. The on - line shop Soferia has got the special offer for You! Take advantage of offered by us Ikea sofa slipcovers. In our offer we have many such products. They have many colours and patterns. The choice in our shop is much bigger that in Ikea! Sofa slipcovers can be the perfect addition to all furniture. We offer wares in many dimensions so that they can fit to all products selled by Ikea. Just buy any furniture in Ikea and then choose the proper pattern for it, which You like!

ikea sofa slipcovers