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Perfopol is one of the greatest producer of metal elements made from steel, brass or aluminum. They offers perforated sheets, woven mesh and expanded drawn, which are preparing in well equipped factory. The company has many years of experience in metal machining and the formation of iron. There are many types of perforated sheets or expanded drawn in the company online shop. You can find there woven mesh and welded mesh grind faces for buildings, iron plate and other materials made from metal. Perfopol produce metal elements from every kinds of color metal or steel. The company use new technologies in metal machining or ironing. Raw materials used in production are taken from the most famous iron industry partners. The company has a large warehouse facilities and it is prepared to handle even the largest orders. The firm is developing dynamically and introduces more and more metal elements. As one of the biggest metal producer we guarantee excellent quality of products and technical assistance.

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